About Us

Teaching marketing teams how to become ROI-driven

SME Digital is about finding – and delivering – results. We eliminate the emotional games of what digital marketing activities are and aren’t working by focusing on the only objective way to make decisions: through data. We come at it from a different perspective. We know your data is broken. We know software companies don’t measure the data you really need. We know your attribution model doesn’t tell the full story. So we help you fix what’s broken, first. We don’t make decisions based on false assumptions because there’s plenty of that going around. You need answers, and we’re here to help you get them.

Our mission is to teach marketers how to be ROI-driven by measuring marketing’s effectiveness. We partner with our clients to exceed business goals by understanding which solutions deliver wow experiences for customers and improve financial returns.

For every client, we are committed to:

  • Diagnosing and fixing your measurement problems
  • Measuring the results
  • Providing data-driven actionable insights
  • Developing a short and mid-term plan to optimize returns

The SME in SME Digital stands for Subject Matter Experts. Indeed, each member of the SME Digital team is an expert strategist, with deep experience in seeing those strategies through to implementation and measuring their influence on financial objectives.